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Unfortunately, early education materials often focus on teaching Capital Letters and either completely neglect the Lowercase Letters, or mention them only briefly. This can make learning the Lowercase Letters more difficult later on, as the association is not immediately made to connect them with their larger versions.

Well, we're here to change that!

With the Print-and-Go Lowercase ABC Craft Pack you will have professionally designed templates at your fingertips that make learning the smallest members of the alphabet easy with 26 incredibly fun and creative printable craft projects.

From Adventurous Astronauts to Nimble Ninjas, to Peeping Periscopes and Zealous Zooplankton, your child will love the alphabet characters they create as they learn early literacy skills with ease!

Every ABC Craft Includes:

  • Complete instructions for craft assembly, including a reference pictures and more!
  • A short vocabulary lesson for every “Letter Saying”! Teach words like Deft, Energetic, and Fragrant!
  • A Background Page for the layout, which includes an uppercase and lowercase version of the letter, and a short “Letter Saying” that incorporates that letter and reinforces the phonetic pronunciation!
  • A printable “Color Me” Template, which can be colored with crayons or other coloring utensils, then cut out and assembled.
  • A printable “Print Me” Template, which can be printed out on construction paper, cut out and assembled. In this version, the shapes are inverted, so after they are cut out, you can flip them over to hide all the marked lines!

We Bring the Templates,
You Bring the Creativity and a Pair of Scissors!

We keep it simple while giving you maximum flexibility, so you can color the templates yourself, or print them out on colored paper!

Just print, cut, and paste! It really is that easy! And to keep things as easy for you as possible...

This Lowercase ABC Craft Pack Also Includes:

  • Simple adjustments for different ages and skill levels!
  • How to set up for maximum enjoyment and minimal stress!
  • How to save money when crafting on a budget!
  • Fun and easy ways to "craft up" all the Print-and-Go Letter Crafts!
  • And a whole lot MORE!

Just Take a Look at What You Can Create:

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